Vulpés S-Line PLUS - Smart Heated Insoles

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated insoles: Heating performance

Heating performance

High heating performance up to 55°C / 131°F on the forefoot.


Battery runtime 

Long lasting premium build-in battery to keep your feet warm for up to 7 hours.

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Creates your individual temperature profile with the free-of-charge Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS

Micro USB charged

Fast charging through micro USB interface or conventional socket.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Anti-bacterial properies

Anti-bacterial properties

Usage of non-toxic materials and an anti-bacterial microfibre.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Cuttable


Available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and can be cut for up to two sizes.

Water resistant

Water resistant design (IPX4) allows protection against water and moisture during rain and snow.


Suitable for weight up to 200 KG / 440 lbs and forces up to 20 N.

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Goodbuy to cold feet!

A walk on the Sussex coast, a hiking tour through the Alps, or a city break to Oslo? Exploring the world is everything! ​

With the Vulpés S-Line PLUS you master every adventure without worrying about cold feet. 

Just charge, connect and set your favorite temperature via smartphone and your feet stay warm anytime and anywhere.

Robust and powerful heating wires

The heated elements are made of a robust and high-performance material and are covered with a synthetic substance to protect the elements from water and external forces.

Large heating surface

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS has the largest heat surfaces in wireless insoles and ensures comfortable heat distribution across the front foot area.

Temperature sensor

The integrated temperature sensor supports heat control and allows constant heating of the wires.


Your individual feel-good temperature

It has never been so easy to create your individual temperature profile according to your personal needs. Thanks to the mobile application for iOS and Android OS, the heat output of the insoles can be adjusted remotely. As the first "smart insole", the Vulpés S-Line PLUS uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 communication technology for faster signal transmission and higher signal range.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS uses the latest communication technology for a seamless and rapid connection with the smartphone.

3x faster signal transmission

The latest communication technology enables up to three times faster signal transmission between the access point (smartphone) and the endpoint (Vulpés smart insoles).

Higher range

The BLE 5.0 chip enables significantly higher ranges compared to previous BLE technologies. This provides a more stable connection between the smartphone and the device.


Ergonomic shaping for extra comfort

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS has been designed based on the anatomy of the feet. The result is that the wearer has a comfortable walking experience despite the fully integrated electronics and the battery.

The heel padding and the soft EVA foam provide excellent relief and do not tire the feet, even on long hikes. The arch of the foot is thus lightly stabilised and supported during movement.


3D design form

The Vulpés S-Line has been developed in an ergonomic cup-shaped design to ensure the most comfortable fit for your foot.

Soft cushion and smooth foam

The insoles are fitted with soft EVA foam and supporting heel pad to increase their cushioning effect. 

Antibacterial Multi-spandex

The surface material has antibacterial and anti-odor properties. The robust structure slows down the fabric wear of the insoles and makes it easy to clean as well as disinfect the insole surface. 

Your personal, mobile heating service

Have the cold days dampened your enthusiasm? The Vulpés S-Line PLUS will put an end to these restrictions. Thanks to the heatable insoles, you can now take your heating with you. Simply cut the Vulpés heatable insoles to the right size for your shoes and place them inside. Say goodbye to annoying wires and cold feet!

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