Vulpés PowerBank 8000 mAh suitable for smartphone charging (iPhone and Android phones) and for providing power to Vulpés Ganymed - smart heated vest and Vulpés BellyBelt - smart heated belt.


Product highlights: 

  • The Vulpés Power Bank has a capacity of 8000 mAh at 3.7V
  • The used premium lithium polymer battery offers increased safety, efficiency, and durability
  • The Vulpés Power Bank is extremely thin due to the high-quality components and robust aluminum housing. The slim design makes the power bank fit easily into the pocket and comfortable to wear
  • Thanks to high-quality electronics, the Vulpés Power Bank offers a high level of safety during the usage
  • The robust aluminum housing protects the electronics and the battery from external impact
  • First-class microchips are used in the electronics, which reduce the heat during charging and discharging while protecting the components from overheating

Vulpés PowerBank 8000 mah