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Travel with toasty feet

A walk on Sylt, a hiking tour through the Alps, or a city break to Oslo? Exploring the world is everything! But an unforeseen change in the weather can quickly lead to unpleasant surprises. Your hands, feet, and ears in particular can be affected by the cold. 

Vulpés’ smart heatable products are the perfect companions for cool days. They are comfortable, and can be controlled using your smart phone. Check them out!

Fashion meets High-Tech!

With the smart heated beanie hat we combine the best from two worlds:

trendy fashion and high-end technology! 

The beanie hat is made from high-quality cotton and precious cashmere. Therefore it is comfortable to wear and meet the highest demands of quality. Thanks to our mobile App for iOS and Android you are can set your desired temperature anytime and anywhere.


No matter whether cold or snow – 

you stay warm! 

Smart apparel
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Our mobile app connects your Vulpés apparel to your smartphone and allows you to effortlessly control the temperature of each piece of Vulpés clothing you’re wearing.

Warm up on the go!

Just download and test the app.

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With High Tech agains cold
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