Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Heating Performance

Heating performance

High heating performance up to 70°C / 158°F 

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Smartphones controlled

Smartphone controlled

Creates your individual temperature profile with the free-of-charge Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Power Bank operated

Power Supply

Power supply with the mobile and rechargable power bank (5V / 2A)

Waterproof design (IP67)

The built-in electronics are encapsulated with special synthetic material which insulates and protects the components against shock, water and moisture

Hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to water proof electronics the vest can be hand washed

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Graphene Technology

Graphene Technology

Efficient, safe and equal heat distribution across the front belt part thanks to the cutting-edge Graphene technology

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Water resistant properties

Water resistant

Water resistant soft shell material provides protection against moisture, rain and snow

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Windproof


The soft shell material prevents the wind from entering vest and does not let the body to cool down

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Breathable


Breathable properties allow to evaporize moisture within the vest

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest: Heat insulating


The integrated fibrefill ensures a strong thermal insulation

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Your winter wear

suitable for every weather

Vulpés Ganymed was designed as a base layer to support the user with active warmth;  both in everyday life and under extreme conditions. The smart vest protects the user from wind, rain or snow thanks to the high-quality materials. The insulation layer is responsible for keeping the  generated heat inside the vest and increases the efficacy of the thermal structure. 


Superior material combination

The 3-layer fabric system protects the wearer against cold and stormy weather. The soft shell surface blocks the wind and repels the water drops. At the same time, the insulating layer stores the heat and allows the excess moisture to escape to the outside.

Watertight zipper

All zippers are made of special interlocking technology and are additionally protected by a plastic cover. The PU coating enhances the closure and increases the longevity.

First-class processing

The assembling of a smart product is complex and requires up to 40 different manufacturing steps along the production process. To ensure the quality as well as the longevity of the vest, we have carefully prepared a distinctive integration process by using the lastest methods and equipment to assemble and test the product during and after the production. That serve a single purpose: 
To deliver the best quality to our customers!

Your individual feel-good temperature

It has never been so easy to create your individual temperature profile according to your personal needs. Thanks to the mobile application for iOS and Android OS, the heat output of the vest can be adjusted remotely. Vulpés Ganymed uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 communication technology for faster signal transmission and higher signal range.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

The Vulpés Ganymed uses the latest communication technology for a seamless and rapid connection with the smartphone.

3x faster signal transmission

The latest communication technology enables up to three times faster signal transmission between the access point (smartphone) and the endpoint (Vulpés smart vest).

Higher range

The BLE 5.0 chip enables significantly higher ranges compared to previous BLE technologies. This provides a more stable connection between the smartphone and the device.


The master of the elements!

The graphene elements create a comprehensive heat to ensure an excellent comfort. The heating sheets have been positioned on the most sensitive parts of the upper body and support the skin and muscle areas with active, pleasant warmth. Even at colder ambient temperature such as -40°C / -40°F, the graphene elements deliver stable performance which can be relied on.


360° heat sensation

The graphene pads are intelligently positioned in 5 zones  in the upper and middle back and chest area to create an individual well-being experience. The structure provides the wearer a 360° sense of warmth. 

Efficiency and safety

Graphene is stronger than steel, is flexible and is an excellent thermal conductor. In addition to the good heat efficiency, the graphene elements are one thing above all: extremely safe. The material can be used safely under various climatic conditions, under high mechanical stress as well as when exposing it to moisture and water.

Tested at -40°C

Vulpés Ganymed has been tested in extreme conditions including under the ambient temperature of -40°C / -40°F. Despite the extremely low temperature, the vest supplied enough heat to actively warm up the user. 

Power ON with the power bank

Vulpés Ganymed can be activated and controlled by using a power bank (5V / 2A). The power bank can be placed inside the intended waterproof inner pocket and connected with the included fabric USB cable.


We recommend our customers to use high-quality power banks with well-designed electronics and premium batteries.


Selecting the correct size

It is crucial that you select the correct vest size to ensure the comfort and to benefit from the efficient heat transmission from the vest to the body. 

We recommend that you measure the chest, waist and hip of your body before placing the order.

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