Vulpés Mercury - Heated Mittens

Vulpés Mercury - Heated Mittens

Vulpés smart heated abdominal belt


High heating performance up to 60°C / 140°F

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Battery runtime

The premium lithium polymer battery keeps the fingers warm for 2 to 5 hours

Vulpés smart heated belt - ultra soft material


Light and ultra-soft lining offers an ideal wearing comfort

Hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to water proof electronics the mittens can be exposed to water and are washable

Vulpés Mercury - Graphene Technology

Graphene Technology

The graphene panels are more efficient, safe and have water-proof properties compared to conventional wires.

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Artificial Fur

Vulpés Mercury uses exclusively handwoven polyester based artificial / eco fur.

Premium Material

The Vulpés Mercury is made of high-quality soft and durable material, which offers excellent comfort and is less bulky


The material provides a natural breathable effect and allows excess moisture to escape

Designed for everyday wear

Vulpés Mercury combines powerful technology with a fashionable design. The high-quality materials and excellent workmanship "Made in Italy" make the mittens an optically appealing and at the same time functional accessory for the cold season.


Whether on a walk, on the slopes or when going out, Vulpés Mercury warms the fingers both actively and passively providing a comfy outdoor experience.

Premium Materials

The Vulpés Mercury is made of first-class materials, which insulate the heat and protect the hands from external weather conditions. At the same time, the material thickness is up to 50% thinner with the same insulating properties and is therefore less bulky compared to the conventional material structure.

Soft, fluffy and breathable
The light and ultra-soft lining offers excellent comfort. Thanks to the microscopic pore system, the mitten has breathable properties and allows excess moisture to escape.

High pilling resistance

The excellent composition of the outer wool fabric enables high pilling resistance and resistance to material wear.

Giving your hands a warm feeling


Exposing the hands to warmth can elevate a person’s mood. That is why the heated mittens are an ideal companion for cold days. The smart wear provides a pleasantly warm ambiance even in colder environment.

With Vulpés Mercury your hands no longer have to disappear into the pocket, but can enjoy your freedom of movement.

Heat setting up to 60°C / 141°F

Vulpés Mercury has a thermal output of up to 60°C /141°F with the focus on the most sensitive areas, namely the fingers and the thumb.

Area-based heating 

The graphene elements ensures a homogeneous heat distribution without causing "hot spots" at specific points. Furthemore, the graphene technology provides a pleasant and unique heating experience due to flat embedded panels creating an area heating profile. 

3 mode control system

The built-in button is used to control the heat and can be adjusted in three settings (yellow = low / orange = medium / red = high).

Designed in Germany

                      Made in Italy

Vulpés Mercury is a European product, which was designed and developed in Germany and assembled in Italy. Among other things, the product is characterized by first-class workmanship and material quality. 

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