Vulpés Kidney Belt - Smart heated belt for lower back, kidney and pelvic area

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Smart heated belt for lower back, kidney and pelvic area

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Vulpés Smart Heated Kidney Belt - Dynamic heat control

Dynamic heat control

Sensor-based, automatic heat adjustment
depending on the ambient temperature

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Smartphone Controlled

Smartphone Controlled 

Creating a personal temperature profile with the free-of-charge Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Voice Command

Voice Command

The Vulpés kidney belt can be controlled by voice with Apple iOS devices

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Over air upgrades

"Over-air" Updates

The Vulpés kidney belt can be updated
remotely with new features and functions

Power Supply

The Vulpés kidney belt can be operated with a rechargeable power bank (5V/2A)

Vulpés Kidney Belt - butterfly design structure

Butterfly Design

Ergonomic heat pad structure covering the lower back, kidney and pelvic area

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Bamboo Fabric

Breathable Fabric

The Vulpés kidney belt consists of 95%  breathable viscose bamboo and 5% spandex

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Ultra light material


The ultra-light material combination of viscose bamboo and spandex reduces the carrying weight and increases the comfort especially for sports and work applications

Hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart
heated kidney belt is suitable for hand washing

Vulpés Kidney Belt - Graphene Technology

Cutting-edge Graphene Technology

The Vulpés Kidney Belt uses a modern, efficient and safe heat pad technology: the graphene. Graphene provides a constant surface heat distribution, which results in an increased warmth perception and higher comfort

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Your active kidney warmer on the go

The Vulpés smart heated kidney belt supports you on cold days during sports, at work or in your leisure time. The pleasant deep heat can relax the surrounding muscles and enhance the blood circulation.
The kidney belt can be flexibly placed around the back and worn underneath your daily clothing without being noticed. You can create your own personal heat profile via a three mode controller, the Vulpés app on the smartphone or via voice command for iOS devices. Just try it out and keep your back always warm no matter where you are!

back pain.jpg

Reducing lower back and kidney pain with thermal support

The lower back muscle strain result from strains and overexertions, creating tension in the muscles and soft tissues around the lower spine. As a result, this restricts proper circulation
and sends pain signals to the brain. Applying heat can help relieve pain from the muscle spasm and related tightness in the lower back through several mechanisms 
a. Heat dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue. 
b. Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to the lower back will decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve the discomfort.
c. Heat application facilitates stretching the soft tissues around the  spine, including muscles, connective tissue, and adhesions. Consequently, with heat therapy, there will be a decrease in stiffness as well as injury, with an increase in flexibility and overall feeling of comfort. Flexibility is very important for a healthy back. 

Robust and efficient heating elements

The heating elements are made of a robust and high-performance graphene material. Graphene is a revolutionary material with excellent conductive properties. Besides the good thermal efficiency, the graphene elements are above all one thing: extremely safe. The material can be used under various climatic conditions, under high mechanical stress, and in humidity and under water without causing any damage. 

Dynamic heat control

The integrated temperature sensor balances the heat settings especially under low temperature or cold ambient. Under cold surrounding the heat output drops. The sensor maintains and stabilize the heating power providing the user an excellent warming experience. Furthermore, the sensor prevents overheating when using the kidney belt under warm environment.

Kidney belt - graphene heating sheet

Surface heating with an exceptional feel-good factor

Compared with conventional heating wires, graphene elements provide even heat over the entire surface. The heating elements are placed across the defined surface and heat up the kidney, pelvis and lower back area. 

Butterfly design (1).jpg

Inspired by nature. 

       perfected by technology.

The shape of the Vulpés kidney belt is based on the butterfly wings and offers warmth for the kidney, back and pelvic areas. 

Vulpés smart heated kidney belt

Butterfly Design Structure

The Vulpés kidney belt is designed in the shape of a butterfly. The kidney belt profile covers the most sensitive part of the body, the lower back, the pelvic and the kidney areas. Due to the butterfly structure the heat can be easily transferred to the most sensitive zones. 

Large heating surface

The Vulpés kidney belt has exceptionally large warming surfaces that cover the lower back area. These provide a pleasant, comfortable warmth and evenly heat the selected areas. 

With breathable properties

The material composition is based on bamboo fabric which has naturally breathable properties. It creates a pleasant micro-climate inside the kidney belt and prevents the accumulation of moisture. The graphene layer is perforated and allows the moisture to escape from the belt. The material properties as well as the belt structure provide a high level of wearing comfort especially during sports and work. 

Sport with kidney belt.jpg

Ideal for motion

The ultra-light material properties provide the user freedom of movement without wearing bulky and thick clothing layers. The kidney belt can be worn tight to the body beneath the clothing without being limited during sports or work. 
Furthermore, the kidney belt structure has been tailored for the lower back to enhance the ergonomics as well as the wearing comfort.

15x times more durable

The Velcro fastener has excellent adhesive properties and is made of high quality material. It allows the wearer to use the Velcro fastener up to 15 times longer compared to conventional components. 

The high durability increases the overall product lifetime especially in frequent use.

Kidney belt - closure.jpg

Your personal 

        feel-good temperature

The Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS allows to fine-tune the heat settings of the kidney belt to meet your desired temperature needs. The user has the option to set up his personal comfort temperature by selecting a value in the range of 1 and 100%.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

The Vulpés Kidney Belt uses the latest communication technology for a seamless and rapid connection with the smartphone. The BLE 5.0 communication technology enables up to three times faster signal transmission between the smartphone and the Vulpés Kidney Belt. 

With Memory Function

The mobile application remembers the last heat setting. With the next use the kidney belt reloads and performs the heating exactly at the value it stopped.

"Over-the-air" Updates

"Óver-the-air" updates allow us to add new features after the product has already been in use through the app update.


Higher range

The BLE 5.0 chip enables significantly higher ranges compared to previous BLE technologies. This provides a more stable connection between the smartphone and the device.

"Hey Siri, I am cold"

With the voice command for the Apple iPhone the kidney belt can be easily turned on and off, set the desired heat level and pair new Vulpés devices. The user has the option to configure it's personal commands by using Siri shortcuts.

Woman with Mobile Phone
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Control your heating time

The Vulpés kidney belt has an integrated timer function which allows the user to set the desired heating time in the range of 5-30 minutes. Afterwards the kidney belt automatically turns off. 

The timer is handy for therapeutic measures to not exceed the recommended heating time of 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, the timer can be used for warming up the body for a short period of time before doing sports or simply to have an automatic switch-off function when falling asleep.


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