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Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated insoles: Heating performance

Heating performance

High heating performance up to 60°C / 140°F on the forefoot.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated insoles: Battery runtime

Battery runtime 

Long lasting build-in battery to keep your feet warm for up to 7 hours.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated insoles: Wireless Control


Effortless temperature control and battery status review on the go by using a free Vulpés mobile app available at the Apple App Store.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated insoles: Micro USB Charged

Micro USB charged

Fast charging through micro USB interface or conventional socket.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Anti-bacterial properies

Anti-bacterial properties

Usage of non-toxic materials and an anti-bacterial microfibre.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Cuttable


Available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and can be cut for up to two sizes.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Water Resistant

Water resistant

Water resistant design (IPX4) allows protection against water and moisture during rain and snow.

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: Robust


Suitable for weight up to 200 KG / 440 lbs and forces up to 20 N.


Your individual feel-good temperature

Thanks to our mobile app, you can set your desired temperature at any time via the steering wheel or the +/ - buttons. The mobile app automatically saves your favourite temperature for the next time you use the product. 

In addition, the app gives you an overview of the current charge level of your battery. If your battery status drops below 20%, you will be notified automatically.

The best thing to do is to completely recharge your Vulpés insoles before each new adventure. 


Higher heat output and larger heating surface

Good news for chilly billies!


Thanks to the smart re-design of the insole architecture, we have successfully achieved a higher heat output (60°C /140°F) with the same battery life. In addition, we have enlarged the heating surfaces, so they now heat the forefoot area more quickly and more intensively.


Ergonomic shaping for extra comfort

The Vulpés S-Line has been developed in an ergonomic cup-shaped design to ensure the most comfortable fit for your foot. The arch of the foot is thus lightly stabilised and supported during movement. In addition, the insoles have been equipped with soft EVA foam and a supporting heel pad to increase their cushioning effect. 

Vulpés S-Line - Smart Heated Insoles: CAD drawig art

Vulpés S-Line: CAD drawing art


Your personal, mobile heating service

Have the cold days dampened your enthusiasm? The Vulpés S-Line will put an end to these restrictions. Thanks to the heatable insoles, you can now take your heating with you. Simply cut the Vulpés heatable insoles to the right size for your shoes and place them inside. Say goodbye to annoying wires and cold feet!

More fun in the snow

The Vulpés S-Line is specially designed for outdoor use. The insoles are water-resistant to IPX4 standard, so that the built-in electronics are protected from splashing water and moisture.  This not only increases the product life but also your safety. 


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