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For everyday heroes

Professionals always do their best to accomplish tasks, whether in the offshore, construction and agricultural industry or in the public sector, such as security services, paramedics, police or fire fighting services. 

The daily challenge faced by professionals working outdoors is to focus on the job regardless of the different weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to the cold is not only detrimental to well-being, but can also cause serious issues, such as bronchitis, asthma, fatigue and frostbite. 

The use of the appropriate clothing is essential for safety and health precautions. With smart heated apparel, professionals can control their own body temperature and are able to focus on their daily tasks without being affected by the cold. 

The smart and connected workwear

Smart clothing with integrated sensors, heating elements, lighting systems, communication technology etc., not only ensures the safety and health but also increases the productivity of employees. For instance, in case of an accident embedded sensors measure the hazardous condition and alerts the control panel autonomously which in return reacts to handle the consequences caused by that accident. Furthermore, the integrated heating panels increase the well-being and creates an individual ambient temperature inside the clothing.

The connected devices consolidate, process the data, and provide all necessary information to the control panel as well as to the employees. This enables the staff to make decisions without delay and increases the productivity.

Did you know that the technology used meets the latest safety standards and can be designed to be shock- and waterproof?

Smart heat control

Smart lighting systems

Alarm management

Vital signs monitoring


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Higher performance and improved health with smart sportswear

Each person has different anatomical conditions. Therefore, based on continuous data analysis of vital signs, motion, muscle work etc. an individual training approach can optimize the performance results while avoiding overexertion and the negative consequences associated with it. The smart clothing advises the user to adopt the correct posture and supports him/her in indoor and outdoor exercises. 

Furthermore, the clothing prevents injuries by providing thermal support and ensures better performance in colder environments. 

Did you know that even smart sportswear can have breathable and water-resistant properties?

Smart heat control

Smart lighting systems

Measurement of physiological data

Motion analysis


How do you integrate electronics into sportswear? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require expert advice.

Health care 4.0 - smart, predictive and preventive

Smart clothing makes it possible to improve health through more precise and preventive diagnosis as well as the optimized therapy. Continuous vital signs measurements provide data for more precise analyses and indicate early information regarding potential health issues. Diagnosis is becoming increasingly forward-looking and provides trends in health and risk development (see predictive health care). This enables the attending physician to determine a suitable therapy to counteract the potential disease before it can even break out (see predictive health care management).

Even in the case of acute injuries, the smart clothing can send the data to the emergency service before the physician arrives at the site. The received in-depth information supports the treatment and increase the chance to save lives.

Smart clothing provides additional benefit for therapy applications and supports the specific treatment based on configured electronics system.

People with disabilities have the chance to control the clothing features via voice and gesture which facilitates the handling of the wearables.

Did you know that the smart clothing can be used as a therapy assistant?

Smart heat control

Vital signs monitoring

Alarm management

Gesture and voice command

Therapy support

Do you intend to improve the health of your customers with smart wearable / apparel products? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require expert advice.

Fashion meets tech

For the leisure related apparel, additional clothing features plays an essential role in increasing comfort and convenience. Smart clothing analyses and recognises the user's needs based on the pre-set preferences and fine-tune the corresponding properties. For instance, smart clothing can measure biometric data, analyse the posture and warm-up sensitive parts of the body, recharge the battery through movement and play the favourite song. The interplay between all elements enables the user to feel comfortable in any situation and in any weather condition.

Did you know that the electronic components can be seamlessly integrated into the clothing to not compromise the freedom of movement?

Smart heat control



Smart lighting systems

Energy harvesting

Gesture and voice command

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Safety first!

During the deployment, smart clothing provides an improved body protection and enhance the readiness of the squad. Thanks to the integrated cutting-edge sensor technology, the clothing measures vital signs as well as the posture, examines the environment for high-risk scenarios, recognizes enemy objects etc.

Especially confined weather conditions can affect squad’s performance. Suitable clothing with water-repelling, windproof and heating properties can sustainably increase health and effectiveness during the tactical operations. Based on the Vulpés sensor-fusion technology the body can be warmed up autonomously to prevent hypothermia, frost bite and respectively slowdown of the forces. 

Smart apparel can also be used as a localization, tracking and communication device to facilitate the coordination and operation of the squad.


Did you know that smart clothing can be configured to operate in ambient temperatures as low as -50°C?

Smart heat control

Localization and tracking

Object recognition system

Vital signs monitoring

Autonomous control

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The networked home - efficient and convenient

In the smart home the user has all the data at a glance and can adjust respective functions wirelessly to his needs. For instance, the heat and light settings as well as the desired music can be selected or autonomously play when the user arrives home. 

In addition to the comfort and efficiency aspects, smart security systems protect the home and alert the owner in case of privacy and security breaches.

Did you know that the heating and communication technology of smart clothing can also be used for "home care" applications?

Smart heat control

Smart lighting systems



Voice command

Remote control

Which potential does smart systems have? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require expert advice.

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