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Fire-fighting or health care services professionals always do their very best to accomplish tasks, whether in the offshore, construction and agricultural industry or in the public sector, such as security services.

The daily challenge faced by professionals working outdoors is to focus on the job regardless of the different weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to the cold is not only detrimental to well-being, but can also cause serious issues, such as bronchitis, asthma, fatigue and frostbite. 

The use of the appropriate gear is essential for safety and health precautions. With smartly heated gear, professionals can control their own body temperature and are able to focus on their daily tasks without being affected by the cold. 


Any cutting-edge technology providing consumers with convenience and comfort faces certain challenges when introduced on the market. To achieve the optimum comfort/performance ratio, while simultaneously reducing the size of electronic components, is one of the key elements for consumer acceptance.   

Therefore, intelligent power schemes are required for energy storage and harvesting. Compared to data measurement and transmission in wearable gear, thermo-regulated smart gear requires a much higher power output and respective battery size to convert chemical into thermal energy.

smart design will protect electronic components against moisture, water, dust and other environmental influences. The encapsulation and / or removal of electronics is also required for cleaning and washing purposes. 

An intuitive user interface ensures a unique consumer experience. The connected system enables the consumer to interact with the respective system whenever he needs to and from any location. A stable wireless connection is essential for continuous communication between the devices.


With our range of services, we can support you in customising the required smart-heated gear to your desired application requirements.

1. Services concept

Do you intend to design a smart heated product or an interconnected system? With our expertise in smart gear, we could support you and your team with the design of a concept customised to your requirements. The concept can include a portfolio strategy, design options and other consultancy services to facilitate your planning. 

2. Design and development services

Vulpés can support you with the design service, whether it´s a component, a product or an interoperable system. Based on your specific requirements, the desired smart-heated gear can be developed with the Vulpés Tech as the basic architecture. The visual appearance can be adjusted to your corporate design. Once the design project is concluded, you will be provided with a usable, physical prototype, which can be used as a base for testing and serial production.

3. Customized manufacturing services

The required components, as well as the dedicated product line, can be manufactured according to your design concept, in the agreed quantities. Additional testing procedures can be implemented according to the corporate guidelines, to meet all requirements in terms of quality.

4. Connectivity services

To enjoy the benefits provided by interconnected devices, we invite you to join the Vulpés platform. It enables users to control their smart gear via the mobile app installed on their smartphones. Additionally to the intuitive use feature, the mobile app provides easy access to the control panel and displays important data to the operator.